5 Best Selected Stainless Steel Dishwater Rack for 2021

A stainless steel dishwater rack is an essential item in the kitchen. It helps in keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. Plus, using a dishwater rack will hasten the drying of your kitchen wares.

A few years back, these racks were usually made as a standalone. But things have changed. Now they are integrated into the designs of plate racks. This is actually advantageous because you won’t have to wait for several minutes for the plates to dry, before taking them off the dishwater rack and arranging them on the plate rack. With the new integration, just arrange your plate in the rack and go about your day.

In this article, we featured the best racks you can use. Each of these racks are well detailed so you can find the one you like easily.

1.  Romision Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack, Romision Large Dish Rack, and Drainboard Set, Full-Size Dish Drainer with Swivel Spout, Utensil Holder and Wine Glasses Holder for Kitchen Counter(Silver)

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This stainless steel dishwater rack has a modern innovative design. It is a medium-sized dishwater counter with a lot of space for you to keep your utensils. It is suitable for small or medium-sized families.  It has a simple and sleek design, making it suitable for minimalist decor. If you have a kitchen with a modern design, this dishwater rack will complement it.

The best part of this rack is its simple installation. It will take just a few minutes for you to install this rack and start using it. It is also designed to be easy to clean.


This dishwater rack by Romision is made of food-grade 304 solid stainless steel, with soft coated steel wire that is made of high-quality satin. Its steel frame is sturdy and strong so it doesn’t shake, thereby securing the dishes and protecting them from scratching or chipping. It is rust-resistant, anti-oil & fingerprint resistant, and anti-oxidation, making it very durable and capable to last for years in tough environments, so you don’t need to worry about rust, discoloration, and corrosion.

Also, it has soft feet that prevent it from scratching your countertop, and a rubber mat at the bottom that prevents the dishwater rack from moving.


Its utensil holder has a removable flatware caddy that you can place on the right or left. It also has separate compartments for you to prevent your utensils from getting clogged, so they can be organized and neat. These compartments can accommodate dinnerware, small-sized pots and pans, bowls, plates, and cups.

It has an integrated drip tray with a 360° rotating telescopically swivel spout that keeps water flowing directly into the sink, not onto the countertop, thereby keeping the body breathable and dry. You can extend the sprout so that when it is not in use you can hide it under the drain rack.

It has a separate area that serves as the wine glasses rack. You can safely hang extra-large Bordeaux wine glasses so the water can drain quickly.


This dishwater rack is designed for small/medium-sized families. Its dimension is – 18.22(L)*13.38(W)*12.79(H) approximately. It is medium-sized dishwater so it won’t take a lot of space on your countertop.


2.  GSlife Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack, GSlife Rustproof Kitchen Over Sink Shelf Stainless Steel Dish Drainer Rack for Kitchen Counter Sink, Black

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This dishwater rack is made by a well-known company that provides products used for storage. If you are a customer who likes products made by brands that stand out, then this GSlife rack is the perfect rack for you.


Its draining system is unlike the Romision stainless steel Dish drying rack. This GSlife rack has no tray that the water drains onto. Instead, it is designed in a way that allows you to place it above your sink so the water can be draining directly into the washbasin. This type of dishwater rack is known as “over the sink”.


The structure of this rack is wide and it has a humanized design. This rack is also easy to assemble. It will take you only a few minutes to set it up, and there is an installation instruction you can use.

You can place any of your kitchenware on this rack. Additionally, you can use this rack not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom, or any other place in your house that you will like to store things. So if you are planning to get a rack for your bathroom as well, you don’t need to look further, just settle for this GSlife rack.

If you have a large family and you are looking for a dishwater rack, it is also a great choice to opt for. If your family is also the kind that eats at home regularly, then you will find this rack beneficial whenever you want to serve a meal.


GSlife makes use of a high-quality premium 201 stainless steel with processed polishing, welding, and rust-resistant coating. Its frame is durable and lasts long. Its frame is unlike other “over the sink” dishwater rack because it has creative lengthened bend feet, which gives it better balance and makes it more stable. This stainless steel rack can bear a weight of up to 28 lb.

It has adjustable rubber feet that you can adjust over your sink to make this rack steady, depending on the size of your sink. The feet are also anti-slip, meaning this rack won’t slip even if the countertop is wet.


This rack has a space above where you can hold up to 30 plates, 32 bowls, coffee pot cups, vegetables, fruits, and more. On the left side of the rack, there is a utensil holder, and on the right side, there is a cutting board holder. This design makes your kitchen look tidy and well-organized.

Below the space above, there are hooks for you to store and dry your utensils. There is a small basket at the bottom of this rack, and you can store liquid bottle soaps here.


This rack fits well on sinks that are equal to or smaller than 32 inches, with a faucet that has a height of <16 4/16” and the height between the cabinet and the countertop being >=24”. Most sinks are likely to fall in this size, so you can use this dishwater rack. Its outside dimension is – L x 10.8”W x 22.8”, while the inside dimension is 32.2 L x 9”W x 22.8”H

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3.   JASIWAY Dish Drying Rack, JASIWAY Large Dish Rack and Drainboard Set, 2 Tier 304 Stainless Steel with Drainboard for Kitchen Counter, Dish Drainer with Utensil and Knife Holder, Cutting Board Holder

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This Jasiway has a lot of space that will be suitable for a medium-sized family that eats at home regularly. It is a 2 tier rack so it comes with double compartments, which makes it even more spacious. It is a suitable dishwater rack for medium-sized families and small families.

It has a 2 tier design which makes it easy to organize your utensils neatly, in turn, making your kitchen tidy. This 2 tier design allows you to separate utensils, so when you need a particular utensil, it is easier to reach. Unlike Romision, you don’t have to experience clogging by placing multiple utensils together.

This stainless steel rack is also a bit stylish. Its body is silver, but the dark-color drip tray adds a bit of accent to it.

If you are looking for a dishwater rack to gift to friends and family, this Jasiway is a great choice to consider, especially if it’s a slightly large family or a group of friends you are gifting it to.


This rack is made of top quality food-grade 304 stainless steel that is sturdy and more efficient than dishwater racks that have ordinary metal. This rack is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It also doesn’t get moisture and it won’t scratch.

The frame of this rack is slim, and this is advantageous because it helps in saving space for other items you might want to store on your countertop.


This drying rack is a customizable 2 tier rack. Its top shelf is removable and you can also move it from front to back or side to side. Every kind of utensils can be placed on it.

It has a space for plates, bowls, cups, and so on. The design of this rack allows you to air-dry dishes and bowls. You can hold more than 10 plates, 18 bowls, 6 coffee cups, pans, vegetables, fruits, and more.

It has a separate knife holder, a wide utensil holder, and cup and cutting board attachments.

It has an integrated drip tray. This drip tray combines classic with functionality. It will collect and organize the dripping water from your utensils, thereby keeping your counter clean and dry. After the dishes have finished draining, you can easily clean the tray and return it.

Its installation is also very simple. You can easily install it within a few minutes because screws and tools are not required. It also has a video guide that serves as an installation manual if you don’t get the hang of it.


This dishwater rack has a size of 18.89*13*8.85 inches.


4.  LONOVE Dish Drying Rack Over Sink Adjustable (25.6″-33.5″),2 Tier Stainless Steel Length Expandable Kitchen Dish Rack, Large Dish Rack Drainer for Kitchen Organizer Storage Space Saver Utensils Holder

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This is another over the sink dish drying and storing rack. It saves space just like Jasiway because they utilize the space above the sink. Also, it is a 2 tier rack and it is a bit large, so there is enough space to store your kitchen utensils in a tidy way. You can store various sizes of utensils, especially plates, spoons, and fork.

Unlike some racks on this list that have a silver finish, this particular rack by Lonove has a black finish. This sets it apart from other types of dishwater racks because it will stand out in your kitchen, and complement the decor of your kitchen.

It is engineered in a way that ensures each item on the rack is separated so it doesn’t get in the way when the water is draining.

The manufacturer of this rack includes a wrench and a hex key to use in assembling the rack. No other equipment is required except these two because other parts are snap-on-structure. It also comes with a set of instructions for you to use in assembling the corresponding module of the rack. Its installation isn’t as easy as other racks on this list.


It’s made from a durable 201 stainless steel and a slick baking material that is scratch-proof and rust-proof. This rack weighs 90 pounds, so it will be stable on your countertop without any occurrence of it leaning toward. Moreover, it has an anti-slip suction cup at the bottom which reinforces its stability.


It has 8 separate compartments that you can save your utensils. Among these compartments is a removable basket that you can adjust. You can save bottles containing liquids in this basket or whatever item you have that can fit inside it.

Other spaces on this rack are for knives, chopping boards, cups, plates, bowls, forks & spoons, and hooks for spatulas or sieve spoons.


The height of this rack is 52.5cm. Its height is adjustable, allowing it to fit different kinds of sinks, regardless of its size. You can modify the width of this rack from (25.6”-33.5”).

For it to fit perfectly, the height of your sink faucet should be ≤ 16. 5 inches and the height between the cabinet bottom to the countertop should be ≥ 28″. If you will like to know the actual size of your sink, then you should measure these three angles — the width of your kitchen sink, the height between the cabinet bottom to the countertop, and the height of the faucet.


5.  MAJALiS Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack, Majalis Stainless Steel 2 Tier Large Dish Drainer Above Sink Adjustable 27.5″ – 33.5″, Expandable Kitchen Counter Organizer Storage Space Saver Shelf with 6 Hooks

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This MAJALiS is an over the sink dishwater rack that has an extra-large capacity that can store all your utensils. It is also a suitable choice for families that are large or eat a lot at home regularly. It’s much bigger and larger than most dish racks you will come across.

You can also use this drying rack to complement the decor of your kitchen if it’s modern. It is painted with black piano paint which gives it a slightly shiny surface. If your kitchen has a minimalist modern decor, it will fit better.

Its installation takes a bit more time than others on this list. It comes with a hexagonal wrench for you to use in assembling the rack. It also comes with sets of instructions to follow.


This dishwater rack is made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel that is painted with grey and black piano paint. Its heavy-duty structure makes it strong and immensely improves its durability, regardless of the weight of the utensils you put on it. It is a nice high-load bearing, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistant dishwater rack. It’s also easy to sanitize which makes it ideal for kitchen and food applications.

Apart from the heavy-duty stainless steel that gives it rigid stability on the countertop, it also has 4 suction cups on the soles of the feet to prevent it from shaking, slipping and falling. This increases its maximum load capacity to 110 pounds.


This drying rack has a 2 tier design. It has a top shelf rack with a simpler configuration which includes straight bars that perfectly hold large bowls, pots, pan, and more. Its lower shelf is a plate rack that has grids that are perfectly sized to hold plates. In each slot you can fit two Corelle plates, however, if you have thicker China dishes only one will fit a slot. On the lower shelf, there is also a cup rack. This grid is for cups but can also hold bowls. It is situated a few inches away from the plate rack. You can fit two Corelle soup bowls in a slot, but only one china bowl per slot.

Below the top grid, there are hooks that you can hang sieve spoon, and so on.

On the left side of the rack there is an attachment for spoons and forks, and a few more inches below the rack you will see a small basket where you can store liquid bottle soap and so on. While on the right side there is an attachment for chopping boards.


The dish rack has an adjustable length between 27.5″-33.5″, which lets you use it on varying sizes of sinks. Its expendable characteristics also allow it to have great stability. Moreover, its different height holes make this rack better at adapting to the wall cabinet and faucet in your kitchen. The width of this rack is 12.01″ and the height is 31.5″.

For it to fit perfectly in your kitchen, check these measurements in your kitchen — faucet height should be ≤17″, sink length should be ≤33.5″, and the height between the cabinet surface and the ceiling should be ≥32″.



Getting a stainless steel dishwater rack is one of the best investments you will make in your kitchen. It will make your sink less messy and help you maintain a clean and tidy look in your kitchen. The different dishwater racks reviewed in this article will guide you in choosing one of the best dishwater racks. Each of the racks is guaranteed to function properly and last for a long time.

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