What Size Trash Can For Kitchen – How To Choose The Perfect Fit

What Size Trash Can For Kitchen?  

If you have always bothered about the exact size of the trash can to use in your kitchen and how to choose the best fit, there is nothing to worry about. This article will reveal everything you need to know! Just stay glued!

A trash can is simply a waste container. You can call it a garbage can, trash barrel, dumpster, wastebin, ash can, or dustbin. A trash can is either made from metal, plastic, or aluminum. It is used to dispose of dry waste materials.

Apart from the trash can being kept outside the house, you can also get one for your kitchen. However, you must know the appropriate trash can size and the best fit for your kitchen. This means you need to know the number of gallons that will conveniently occupy your kitchen waste.

Your trash can could be a Green Container that can only occupy green waste, yard waste, food waste, and various organic materials. A Blue Container can contain recyclable materials like plastic, bottles, cans, cardboard, and paper. A Gray Container accommodates inorganic wastes and such that cannot be recycled.

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To avoid frequent waste disposal, your kitchen’s best trash can size is 7-10 or 12-16 gallons. However, choosing the perfect size depends on the number of your family members. A family of two can stick to a 7-10 gallons trash can; 12-16 gallons is good for a family of four, and 20-30 gallons will perfectly satisfy a family of six. Do you still want to know more about kitchen trash cans?

If yes, this article will show you the benefits of having a trash can in your kitchen, how to keep your kitchen clean with a trash can in it, the best features of a trash can for the kitchen, and how to make sure your trash can works perfectly for your kitchen.

You will also get to know how to get the most out of your kitchen trash can, how often you should empty your kitchen trash can, and some important tips for using a kitchen trash can. You don’t want to miss this! Ready? Let’s go!

What Size Trash Can Is Best for A Kitchen?

Trash sizes vary, but you have to choose the perfect one that will satisfy your family’s needs. Notwithstanding, it is important to note that the best trash can size for a kitchen is usually 7-10 gallons. Therefore, you need to measure your under-sink space to know the appropriate trash can size to choose for your kitchen.

How to Choose the Perfect Size Trash Can for Your Kitchen

To choose the perfect size trash can for your kitchen, you must study the usage level. A 7-10 gallon trash can is enough if you compost and recycle. You should use 12-16 gallons if you dispose of food. 20-30 gallons would be nice if you unload trash, food, and recyclables in the bin. If you can decide this, you’ll know the perfect trash can size to choose for your kitchen.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Trash Can in The Kitchen?

There are several benefits of having a trash can in the kitchen. Such include:

  1. Maintenance of cleanliness: When you have a trash can in your kitchen, it prevents improper refuse disposal and thus, prevents dirt. The trash can helps maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen and household.
  2. Enablement of recycling: Recycling involves using a product again after the process and reforming it. With the help of a trash can in your kitchen, recycling waste to produce materials will be possible. Wastes from your trash can could be recycled to create new and useful products.
  3. Safe environment: Nothing is greater and better than a safe environment for living. Therefore, with the help of a trash can in your kitchen, proper refuse disposal will be made easy. Not only will it make the environment stable and comfortable, but it will also make it void of all forms of diseases and infections.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean with A Trash Can

It is very possible to keep your kitchen clean with the existence of a trash can, and there is a certain way to achieve that. Mop the inner part of your trash can with disinfectant or bleach solution. Also, clean the trash can with a new toilet or scrub brush and sanitize it properly to avoid bad odors from oozing.

What Are the Best Features of A Trash Can for The Kitchen?

There are various features of a kitchen trash can, but the best features include:

  1. Aluminum: This is one of the best features of a trash can for the kitchen. Aluminum is very light and strong and resists rust and dents. Kitchen trash cans are made from aluminum and are good for use.
  2. Plastic: This is also one of the best features of a kitchen trash can. Plastic is very affordable and flexible. It washes effortlessly too. However, it may not be physically appealing, but it serves the purpose for which it is needed. You can go for a plastic kitchen trash can if you desire one for your kitchen.
  3. Stainless steel: This feature mixes with kitchen appliances. It is rust-resistant and durable. However, it can easily show fingerprints and get dented. People make use of the stainless steel kitchen trash can because it is strong.

How to Make Sure Your Trash Can Works for Your Kitchen

A trash can will not work for your kitchen by magic. If you want to make sure that it works, you have to be intentional about it by choosing the appropriate number of gallons that will be needed in your kitchen. You have to decide whether you need 7-10 gallons, 12-16, or 20-30 gallons.

What Size Trash Can I Need for My Kitchen?

The trash can size you need for your kitchen can be 7-10 gallons, 12-16, or 20-30 gallons, depending on the number of your family members and the level at which waste is disposed of per time. If you have a family of four and you dispose of kitchen wastes regularly, you may have to get a 12-16 gallons trash can.

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How Can I Get the Most out Of My Kitchen Trash Can?

If you want to get the most out of your kitchen trash can, bore holes in the trash can to allow free airflow, sprinkle a little baking soda at the bottom of your trash can to absorb and prevent smell, dispose of wastes properly, clean and sanitize your trash can often.

What Are Some Tips for Using a Kitchen Trash Can?

It would be best if you had certain tips for using a kitchen trash can. Some of them include:

  1. Use of trash bags: Trash bags are easy modes of dumping kitchen trash. Instead of disposing directly into your trash can, place a trash bag in your trash can and dispose of refuse directly in it. When it is full, you can simply pick up the trash bag and dispose of it without denting the trash can.
  2. Safe dumping: This is an important tip for using a kitchen trash can. Simply make use of an upside-down hook and loop the drawstring around the hook. This will help to prevent refuse from falling. It will also help to prevent smell within the environment. It is crucial that you dump kitchen wastes properly and in a way that they can be recycled, if necessary.
  3. Appropriate selection: To use your kitchen trash can well, choose the one that suits your kitchen perfectly and dispose of it as often as possible. After carefully considering the number of your family members and how often you dispose of refuse, you can select a 7-10 gallon trash can, 12-16 gallons, or 20-30 gallons trash can to help dispose of wastes easily.

How Often Should I Empty My Kitchen Trash Can?

Normally, you should empty your kitchen trash can within three days of usage. Though it may not smell, this doesn’t mean you should keep storing it in your kitchen if you want to maintain the good health of your household and yours. Simply dispose of waste from your trash can regularly to avoid smell and dirt.


A kitchen trash can is a very essential item in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, its advantages cannot be underestimated in the kitchen. Not only does it make the kitchen environment neat, but it also makes cooking easier for you.

Therefore, you need to select the most suitable trash can for your kitchen, dispose of refuse safely and regularly, and keep the trash can clean always by sanitizing or disinfecting. You should also dispose of wastes in such a way that they can be recycled for further use.

If you follow these tips listed here, you will certainly enjoy using your kitchen trash can without harming the health of your household members or the environment.

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