How To Match Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops

How to match kitchen cabinets and countertops

How to match kitchen cabinets and countertops

When matching kitchen cabinets and countertops, the color to opt for is one of the most important things to consider. The color will determine the overall look of your kitchen. However, two colors are easy to work with, and they have a significant effect when matching your kitchen cabinets and countertops. These colors are white and black.

In this article, we will show you all that you need to consider when matching your kitchen cabinets and countertops.


How to pick a color scheme?

The first step to take when picking a color scheme is to pick two colors that complement each other, and another two colors that also complement each other. Using these colors will allow you to consider different looks. Some interior decorators consider the floor of the kitchen in their color scheme, so if you too would be considering it, then a third accent color can be picked, thereby adding to the character of your kitchen.

Also, when picking a color scheme, you need to consider the style of your kitchen. If your kitchen is designed the modern way, then you should go for sharper contrasts such as black and white, and also lean towards bright whites. If your kitchen is styled the traditional way, then you will have to lean towards neutral and warm colors with softer contrasts. You can also make use of black and white in a kitchen styled the traditional way, but you will have to add warm colors so as to soften the contrast.

Pick a countertop

After picking the color scheme, you will have to pick the type of countertop you want. Laminate, granite, stone, and so on, are some of the countertop types you can use in your kitchen based on your preference, and also based on what you think will fit the overall style of your kitchen, for instance, stainless steel countertops usually goes well with industrially styled kitchens. Nevertheless, if you use it at home, it won’t give your kitchen a bad look. What matters most is to pick what resonates with your style, or one you can afford.


How to match kitchen cabinets and countertops?

Once you have chosen the color scheme you want based on the style of your kitchen, it is time to consider the color that will be for the countertop. If you’re going to make the countertop the signature piece in your kitchen, then the shade of its color has to differ from other accessories in your kitchen.

Matching Island countertop with perimeter countertop

How to match kitchen cabinets and countertops

If you have more than one countertop design in your kitchen, then you might probably be worried about how to match them. However, they don’t have to match. Their contrasting feature also helps in making each of them stand out.

How to match countertops, cabinets, and flooring?

One of the best ways to match all these together is by matching the color of your countertops with the cabinets. Then the flooring will be used as a contrasting piece. The countertop and the cabinet don’t necessarily have to have similar colors, but at least they both should have dark shade or light shade colors. For instance, the cabinet can be brown, the countertop can be black, while the flooring is white. Both are colors with dark shades, while the floor is bright.

You can also match the color of your cabinet with your countertop and the floor. All three will have the same color, thereby giving your kitchen a uniform look. Since no piece contrasts with each other, you will have to pick the color they will all be careful because this will set the tone of your kitchen.


What you should know when picking cabinet styles

Kitchen cabinets are the main part you should consider when matching kitchen cabinets and countertops. It is your cabinet that will determine the countertop you choose, so it deserves the most attention when matching your cabinet and countertop. Also, cabinets are typically the most expensive thing to buy or replace when designing a kitchen, so you have to take your time when getting one.

There are different styles of cabinets you can opt for either you are going for a traditional or contemporary kitchen style. Most people usually find it hard to decide the type of cabinets to pick.

However, there is one thing you should note when deciding the cabinet to opt for, and that is your budget. This is because it is the primary determinant in the type of cabinets you can opt for. Knowing your budget and staying within it when choosing a cabinet will help you make quicker decisions based on the hardware, wood species, paint color/stain, and style that you can afford.

Types of cabinets

The type of cabinet you choose also determines how you will match your cabinets with the countertop. There are two types of cabinet you can fix in your kitchen –

  • Base cabinets

How to match kitchen cabinets and countertops


This type of cabinets is mounted on the floor, and it is the type that supports a countertop. Without it, you won’t be able to install a countertop in your kitchen, except you are willing to build a wooden or marble platform to place it on, which is not a smart idea.

  • Wall cabinets

How to match kitchen cabinets and countertops

These are mounted on the wall. The main reason they are installed in a kitchen that has a base cabinet already is to offer extra storage space. Sometimes, this cabinet can also be a base and wall cabinet at the same time; that is, it starts from the bottom and rises a little below window level or almost to the ceiling, depending on how you want it. If your kitchen is small and you’re trying to manage space, then it is best to set this type of cabinet around the window level.


If your kitchen has both cabinets, then matching them can be a little tricky. You can choose similar colors for both cabinets, while the countertop will have contrasting colors.


How to match dark cabinets with countertop?

How to match kitchen cabinets and countertops


Dark cabinets don’t always have to be color black. It can be brown, gray, taupe, and so on.

  • Dark cabinet with dark countertop

Matching your dark cabinet with a dark countertop might seem absurd, especially if your floor doesn’t have a bright color. This kind of styling will give your kitchen a gloomy and dreary look. To make it less gloomy, you should have enough lighting, and you can paint the walls or ceiling with a bright color so as to give it an inviting and cozy look.

  • Dark cabinet with creamy countertop

A creamy countertop adds a bit of brightness to a dark cabinet. Besides, contrasting the cabinet and countertop is a fundamental thing to note when looking at designing schemes. You can use a creamy countertop in a kitchen designed in the traditional or contemporary way. Its bright color is what matters because it will reflect more light. And the more light it reflects, the more it will brighten up the kitchen.

  • Dark cabinets with bright white countertop

If you have a modern dark cabinet, mounting a bright white countertop on it is ideal. Even without much lighting, it will still have a great effect on the style of your kitchen. Moreover, people who don’t want to stress themselves usually opt for neutral colors like white and black because it is easier to work with.

  • Dark cabinets with gray countertop

Using a gray countertop with dark cabinets is a popular choice among homeowners. This color is cool and classic, and you can use it on a variety of palettes. If the other accessories in your kitchen have bright colors, a gray countertop with dark cabinet will give your kitchen a stunning appearance.

  • Dark cabinets with gold countertop

Going for countertop colors that have gold variants will give your kitchen a stunning look if paired with dark cabinets. If you also have an espresso-colored cabinet, a countertop with golden shades will look really beautiful on it. This combination will give your kitchen a unique and luxurious look.

Benefits of dark cabinets

  • A dark cabinet adds a cozy feeling to your kitchen. It’s a great choice to use in both modern and contemporary styled kitchens. If your cabinet has an inky surface, it will give your room an intimate feel. Adding lighting to it in a strategic way will cast a glow on the cabinet finish.


  • Dark cabinets also help in adding a dose of sophistication in your kitchen, which will bump up its style. Adding dark colored cabinets to your kitchen will also create a moody feeling, and it will make your kitchen look more chick. Having other black architecture and brass handles on the cabinet will bring forth the stylish look of the charcoal hue.


  • Kitchens also wear and tear over time. However, having dark cabinets will help in hiding them whenever they occur. Besides, if what you are doing in the kitchen involves frequent spillage, a dark cabinet will help in hiding the stain. If you are planning to paint your cabinet, make sure more coats are added so that if there are scratches in the topcoat, the undercoat will hide it.


  • Matching a dark cabinet with a white countertop will give it a contrasting look, and this has a striking effect. If you are using a countertop with a gleaming marbled surface on a deep-hued cabinet, it will also give it a stunning look. Adding a wooden floor with some soft foliage will help in making your kitchen look warm.


  • Setting up your kitchen with a dark cabinet and white countertop also helps in creating a dramatic backdrop, and this helps in making other vivid colors easy to infuse in the kitchen design. Your cabinet and countertop will serve as a moody canvas for other bright bursts of colors in your kitchen. The look of your cabinet and countertop will be practical and neat. Infusing accents of bold colors like red will take it to the next level and make your kitchen very stylish.


  • If your room is open plan and you want to zone different areas, you can use color to do that. Opting for cabinets with a dark shade will help to distinguish your kitchen from other areas of the room.



How to match white cabinets with countertops?

How to match kitchen cabinets and countertops

  • White cabinets and black countertops

Opting for a black countertop to match your white cabinet creates a throwback design prevalent in the 1950s diner. If you want to give your kitchen a full traditional look, you can make the floor a checkerboard pattern with alternating black and white tiles. All these will make your kitchen look very stylish.

  • White cabinets with burgundy red countertop.

Going for a red countertop will give your kitchen a compelling visual contrast against the white cabinet. Burgundy red is a bold color, so if you match it with a sky-blue linoleum floor and wheat-colored walls, it will create an inviting cooking space. If your appliances are stainless steel, it will fit well with this color.

  • White cabinets with concrete countertops

Regardless of the color, a concrete countertop is stained with; it will still look perfect in your kitchen with white cabinets installed. Apart from being stylish, concrete countertops are also solid working spaces in a kitchen. For a visually clean work area, you can go for a naturally gray countertop paired with white walls and a dark gray vinyl floor. The dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator should have a steel finish so as to complement the countertop and cabinet. Your cookware can be hung on a brushed chrome rack that is mounted on the wall, so as to add to the allure of your kitchen. If you want to prevent unsightly stains, then make sure your countertop has a sealant.

  • White cabinets with a wood countertop

Using a wood countertop on a white cabinet will give a natural and warm feel to the kitchen. You can choose the color of the countertop in picking bamboo or wide plank oak flooring, and for the wainscot, you can pick the same type and color of wood too, but the wainscot will be installed in a vertical pattern. Painting your upper walls mustard yellow will add some burst of color to the kitchen. For the backsplash of the counters, you can use a mustard-yellow tile.

Benefits of white cabinets

  • White is a universal color, so it goes with almost every color and decor available. If you are looking for decor that would take center stage in your kitchen, then a white cabinet is a perfect choice to opt for. It will give room for other accessories to pop because it is a foundation neutral. If you don’t want a color that would overwhelm your kitchen, white is one of the nice colors to consider. Cabinets last longer than kitchen accessories and appliances, so during the replacement of accessories or appliances, you can rest assured because your white cabinet will still compliment them.


  • Unlike black, white isn’t a somber color, so it doesn’t absorb other colors or increase the heat in a kitchen. Instead, it is a naturally bright color that is easy to notice, and it reflects natural light well, so when the sun is shining, it will make a big difference in your kitchen. Most times, the brightness of a window won’t brighten everything up as much as an LED, so investing in an LED is a nice choice.


  • White signifies cleanliness, and it has been associated with this attribute for a very long time, so using a white cabinet will help create a sense of cleanliness. Also, using it in a small kitchen will create the illusion of space. It’s a favorite choice of color when interior decorators are trying to make a small room look big.


  • White cabinets don’t need a total makeover for it to have a new look. Just by changing the knobs and handles, your cabinet will have a new appeal. Besides, not needing substantial improvement for a makeover also cuts costs.


  • White kitchen cabinets are here to stay. It is an everlasting trend. If you are fond of remodeling your kitchen, your cabinet will still maintain its style against any new trend you try out in your kitchen. Besides, white is a foundation neutral, so it works well with most colors and designs infused in a kitchen. If your kitchen style is traditional, modern, or transitional, white cabinets will still fit in perfectly.


  • If you are planning to stage your home for a resale, having white cabinets will give your kitchen a nice resale value because they are the most popular among buyers. Besides, they look classic and timeless, so most buyers will find it easy to incorporate their own decor and taste. They will also find it easy to try out a wide range of styles. If your cabinets are dated, and you want to give them a facelift, you can inexpensively paint them white.



Knowing how to match kitchen cabinets with countertops is actually easy. Besides, the section of this article that talks about styling dark and white cabinets with different colors can be used as a guide in setting yours up. However, if you will prefer to experiment a little, you can go ahead with this article as a guide.

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