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Honey Oak Cabinets With Black Hardware

Do you want to give the kitchen cabinets in your builder-grade home a brand-new look?

With these tips, you can enhance style and usability at a fraction of the price of installing new cabinets.

What Are Some Ideas To Update Outdated Honey Oak Cabinets?

Make your old honey oak cabinet appear updated by:

  1. Restaining: You can restain your cabinet with darker hues to reduce the overall overtone and make it blend in with the walls and paint.
  2. Replacing hardware: Most older cabinets lack hardware like handles and knobs. You can update yours by adding these fixtures or changing the worn-out and outdated ones.
  3. Include valance and crown molding: Contrary to popular belief, crown molding is not just for ceilings. It gives your cabinet a custom-made appearance rather than a plain one. The 3-inch-long piece of wood fastened to the base of your upper cabinets is called a valance. It provides your cabinets with a distinctive profile, makes them appear taller, and allows you to conceal filthy drawings and under-cabinet lighting.
  4. Paint: As simple as it may sound, painting your cabinets will greatly modernize them. The perfect color will be neutral with calming undertones.
  5. Include an antique item: This is one of the best kitchen design tips you can use. Your drinkware, microwave, and a toaster can all be held here.

What Are Some Ways To Make The Cabinets Look More Modern?

You can make your honey oak cabinets look modern in the following ways.

  • Collect ideas:

Simply wanting a modern cabinet is not enough. It would help if you were prepared to look around and examine current fashions and designs that appeal to your taste. Until you are motivated to change, you won’t.

  • Consider what you already have and use logic:

Without spending a fortune, you can give your cabinet a contemporary style. All you need to do is take into account the components and resources you already have, then utilize them. Which benefits does your kitchen offer? Find them, fix them and improve them.

  • Neutral-colored walls:

Painting your walls will give your room a bright, airy appearance. Pick the appropriate paint color to go with your cabinets. Oak’s orange undertone will be reduced by warm colors like white, beige, and warm greens. Grey, blue and purple is cool hues that will make the orange shine out more.

  • Replace hardware:

They are like gems in the kitchen, so upgrading and replacing them greatly affects how modern your kitchen feels. Warm metals like bronze, copper, gold, and brass will look stunning next to the honey oak cabinet.

  • Update your lighting:

Lighting is an important aspect of modernizing your cabinets because it affects the overall tone of your kitchen.

  • Incorporate warm, harmonizing accents:

Now that the other elements are in place, it’s time for decorating, which is always the nicest part! A few tastefully placed embellishments are all it takes to feel modern and stylish with oak cabinets.

  • Make space for wine:

You can set aside a section of your cupboard specifically for wine. Your cabinet will appear contemporary and modern as a result. Wine makes your kitchen seem cozy and at ease just by being there.

How Can Black Hardware Be Used to Update the Cabinets?

Without a doubt, updating your cabinet should be done in black. As long as the hinges are covered, the appearance is fantastic. Depending on the type of your cabinets and the surrounding decor or style, black hardware might look either modern or farmhouse.

The cabinet’s handles and knobs, as well as several other fixtures, might be black.

What Are Some Other Ways to Update the Cabinets?

  1. Check that the color of exposed hinges matches that of the handles or knobs: There shouldn’t be any color mismatches. Coherence should prevail throughout.
  2. Take into account employing handles rather than knobs: Compared to knobs, handles offer more distinctive and attractive styles.
  3. The paint color for your cabinet and walls will depend on the color of your appliances.

How Can the Cabinets Be Updated Without Painting Them?

Not all cabinets need to be painted. With these suggestions, you may revamp yours without using a drop of paint.

  1. Add glass to cabinet doors: Doing so can help your kitchen’s reflecting value and alleviate some of the visual weight of the wood on a few crucial doors (which is great if you have a dark kitchen and keep tidy cupboards). Additionally, you could use a cabinet firm to complete this task.
  2. Change the backsplash: You can transform your wooden cabinets by altering your backsplash. They may modernize, lighten and brighten wood cabinets, making them appear rich and gorgeous rather than hefty and dated.
  3. Use the proper home decor: A kitchen or bathroom with oak cabinets can be updated using coordinated home decor with a uniform color scheme. A space can appear more congested with the more colors and metal finishes you add.
  4. Home decor: Neutrals and warm colors are a terrific approach to updating oak wood cabinets. Neutrals maintain the simplicity and modernity of the space while also adding visual appeal, as opposed to contrasting the wood with a color like blue or green.
  5. Adding some greenery and keeping things basic is an Ideal way to give some vibrancy to the space without overwhelming it. Generally speaking, too much color isn’t great for wood cabinets.

What Are Some Ideas For Updating The Cabinets If They Are In Good Condition?

  1. Clean the cabinet: The cabinet is frequently covered in dirt, making it look disgusting. A towel that has been dampened can be used to clean the cabinet.
  2. Remove a few upper cabinets and install open shelving in their place. Removing a few upper cabinets will instantly update and enhance your kitchen.
  3. Change the hardware on the faucet. The matte black hardware on the sink complements the white countertops and oak cabinets beautifully. You don’t have to spend a fortune on black matte sink faucets. Shops now offer a wide range of styles at different price points.
  4. Upgrade the counters: New countertops give their kitchen a cleaner, fresher feel by bringing more light and vibrant colors to the adjacent items.

What Are Some Ideas For Updating The Cabinets If They Are In Bad Condition?

  1. New cabinet hardware: This simple improvement can greatly enhance the look of your cabinets. The “jewelry” of your kitchen is its hardware, so feel free to show off your personality here!
  2. Replace the cabinet doors. Many companies can create custom door and drawer fronts that fit your existing cabinets. With a little extra modification, you may even turn your doors into drawers, typically a better use of space.
  3. Take note of cabinet ends: With the cabinet ends, you have even another opportunity to customize your kitchen. You can do this yourself using molding or thin cover panels like beadboard.
  4. Get new home appliances: By investing in new appliances that match the colors of your wall and cabinet, you may modernize your kitchen. Alternatively, you can clean older white appliances if this is out of your price range.
  5. Extend your higher cabinets to the ceiling: If the gap is closed, the kitchen will appear taller and more updated.

What Are Some Ideas For Updating The Cabinets If They Are In Need Of Repair?

  1. Change the boring Hardware: Replacing worn-out knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets is one of the simplest and least expensive fixes. To find new, stylish options, check out your local big-box retailer, salvage yards, or your favorite online retailer.
  2. To decorate, use bead board: Beadboard can be utilized to dress up dull kitchen islands or plain cabinet fronts. The exquisite paneling has been used for years to provide texture and character to otherwise simple surfaces, making it the perfect approach to evaluating old, worn-out cabinets before painting.
  3. Use chicken wire and white chalk paint to brighten and customize your space instead of door fronts. It would give you joy each time you go into your kitchen.

What Are Some Ideas For Updating The Cabinets If They Are Not In Need Of Repair?

  1. Include open shelves: Open shelves, when strategically placed, can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen. Whatever the placement, adding open shelves to your kitchen will increase the requirement for storage space and make it more visually appealing.
  2. Consider adding removable wallpaper: If your cabinets’ interior is too simple, this is all you need to do to give it the correct feel and look.
  3. Hang storage bars inside doors: You can maximize storage in your cabinets by putting storage bars.
  4. Add toe-kick drawers: When installing baseboards underneath your kitchen cabinets, choose toe-kick drawers over baseboards to add extra storage space for flat items like cutting boards and serving plates.
  5. Make room for wine: Is there an awkward and empty space between your refrigerator and cabinet? Modify it to hold your wines.
  6. Install lighting under cabinets: Adding lighting beneath your cabinets does more than make them more functional. This simple improvement removes the shadows your ceiling and pendant lighting cast while bringing ambient warmth throughout the entire room. Even a small amount of under-cabinet lighting may greatly influence the kitchen as a whole.

How Can The Cabinets Be Updated Without Changing The Hardware?

  1. Replace some door fronts with glass
  2. Add artistic wallpaper: The incredibly helpful peel-and-stick wallpaper is particularly helpful when giving a pair of building cabinets a new lease on life.
  3. Paint your cabinetry: Painting is generally one of the first ideas that come to mind when considering any cabinet modifications. Paints are affordable and effective. It would be best if you tried using them. You can also paint your frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I put black hardware on oak cabinets?

In addition to being elegant and contemporary, black hardware offers the much-needed contrast for golden oak cabinets. The dark color obscures what may appear to be dated woodwork. Most new appliances and countertops will also look good with black hardware.

  • What kind of knobs looks good on oak cabinets?

The quickest and simplest method to give your conventional oak cabinets a facelift and make them more light and contemporary is using transparent knobs. These knobs are excellent accent hardware and will add a lot of shine to your kitchen island. They will complement all stains and look contemporary and stylish.

  • Should I keep oak cabinets?

When homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens, oak cabinets are the first to go. However, you can save a lot of money by remodeling around them by obtaining a new countertop, installing a backsplash, replacing the hardware, and painting the walls differently.

  • How do I make oak cabinets look modern?

Wood cabinets can be updated by using neutrals and warm colors. Neutrals maintain the simplicity and modernity of the space while also adding visual appeal, as opposed to contrasting the wood with a color like blue or green.

  • Are honey oak kitchen cabinets outdated?

These golden-toned wood cabinets, common in kitchens in the 1980s and 1990s, have lost favor as white and grey cabinets have grown in acceptance. Consider repairing or painting your light-stained cabinets if they’re still in good condition.

  • Is it better to stain or paint oak cabinets?

The stain is the best option if you desire the most durable cabinet finish. Stained cabinets are easy to touch up and don’t show marks or scuffs as easily as painted cabinets. It’s easy to find touch-up tools that closely match your cabinet stain

  • How can I make my honey oak cabinets look better?

A simple way to escape the stigma of traditional-looking oak cabinets is to break away from the honey coloring. The easiest way is to give your oak cabinets a stained finish. A stain adds a beautiful quality to your cabinets while still allowing the allure of natural wood grain to pop.


Honey oak cabinets are the perfect fit for your kitchen needs. You don’t have to break a bank to get a new one. Simply updating the one you have will do wonders to your kitchen. What are you waiting for? You have all you need, so work and do the magic.

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