Above Kitchen Sink Decor Ideas- Decorating the Wall Above Your Kitchen Sink

Traditionally, kitchens are designed in different sizes and shapes. While some are designed with windows, others are not. It is then left for you to decide what you will put above the sink, above the window, and other decors.

Though there are a lot of options out there, I have some great ideas that I am ready to share with you. Check out this article for some above kitchen sink decor that will give your home the desired facelift.

Where should the kitchen sink be?

You are free to place the kitchen sink in any part of the kitchen, depending on the amount of space you want to save. You should, however, look for a space that is less clustered and where you frequent at.

What should I put above my kitchen sink?

While preparing your delicacy or taking care of the dishes in the kitchen, you will spend a lot of time close to the kitchen sink. What you can put above the sink depends on your preference and the space. Nevertheless, here are a few tips on what you should put above the kitchen sink.

Install lighting

Install lighting above the kitchen sink

Having a window in the kitchen doesn’t mean that there will always be light, especially during sunsets or winter. Working in the kitchen, then requires that you have an alternative source of light. One above the sink at the center will serve the perfect purpose in such a situation.

Create a window

The space above the sink could be used for window space. Many kitchens have this design and it could afford you a view of what is happening outside while you are busy in the kitchen. It also allows the natural light to radiate in the kitchen. You can be stylish with the window by adding frame, blind, and curtains to the window.

Convert to storage space

Having enough storage space in the kitchen is usually a challenge but you can use the space for storage purposes. For instance, you can place rods or hooks there for hanging pans, pots, and others on the wall. Once done nicely, it will enhance the look of your kitchen without affecting other designs.

A perfect place for a mirror

window mirror above kitchen sink

If you are unable to create a window space above the kitchen sink, one of the other alternatives is to place a mirror in the space. While this is useful for reflecting light in the kitchen, it could also serve as a tool for seeing what is going on in other locations covered by the mirror while you are busy with dishes and others at the sink.

What to put above the kitchen sink window

While you have many options on what you can put above the sink, the options are also limitless on what you can put above the kitchen window, provided you have one. A few such options are highlighted below.

A kitchen clock

above the sink clock

You are making the right choice when you place a clock above the kitchen sink window. The location makes it easier for you to check the time whether you are cooking, doing the dishes, or cleaning the kitchen.


art work above kitchen sink

Creating a window above the kitchen sink illuminates the kitchen but the space above it can be used for creating a piece of attraction when you step into the kitchen. You can place 3D paints, beautiful art, or prints of bright colors.

Above kitchen sink wall décor

Even if there is no window above your kitchen sink, you can still spice up the wall with some beautiful decoration, depending on the size of the wall. Here are a few décor tips. 

Create outdoor image

The wall above the kitchen can be used to create an outdoor experience while you are still in the kitchen. All you need to do is to get the adhesive wallpaper design, theme, or imagery that suits your preference. You can also convert the space to murals and make it eye-popping with some themes and unique designs.

Go classic 

In modern times, the kitchen preference of many homeowners is to have a minimalist feeling with many flat and modern items. You can still add depth to the décor of the wall above the kitchen sink by using traditional materials that will create a modern balance. For instance, a window wall décor is usually appealing to the eyes.

Use a vinyl wall decor

If you need something easy that doesn’t warrant a complete overhaul of what is on the wall, you can consider the vinyl wall decors. You will always get your choice irrespective of your design, color, image, graphic, and space preference. This will be attractive and inspiring when installed properly.

Decorating above kitchen sinks with windows

Decorating the window above the kitchen sink can be done in many unique ways. Your budget and preference will determine what you can do. There are no wrong or right ways, but make sure your choice is aesthetically pleasing.  Below are some inspirational ideas.


The blind is something you can opt for, especially when the shape of the window is irregular. Since it will be on the kitchen sink window, which is prone to splashes of water, the blind is easier to clean or wipe when you compare it to the curtain.

Make use of curtains

Curtains can be used for several purposes in the kitchen when you use them over the sink window. It could protect your privacy in the kitchen or lightly illuminate when there is a need to. Since it is produced in different materials, colors, and designs, you should be careful about the material and the color of the curtain you use with the window above the kitchen sink.

Preferably, you should opt for a material that is easy to clean and you should choose a color that suits the overall kitchen design.

What to put over kitchen sink with no window

Having limited space in the kitchen means that you will want to make use of alternative spaces, such as the wall above the kitchen sink. Here are a few ideas on some of the things you can put on the wall above the kitchen sink, especially when there is no window there.

dish storage

Dish storage

You can also pattern the dish storage after shelving but there is a concern if you opt for open shelving, which is the current trend. Though this is trendy and many people believe that it makes the dishes look organized, you might have to be cleaning the dishes regularly when you place them above the sink due to the frequent splashing of water. If possible, make sure there is enough space between the dish storage and the sink.


The cabinetry can start from anywhere in the kitchen. Nevertheless, you can always extend the cabinetry above the sink, depending on your storage needs and the size of the kitchen. To make the cabinet above the kitchen sink stylish and different from the rest of the cabinetry, you can opt for a glass door cabinet such as Plexi or real glass.


Out of all the different shelving designs, you should consider the one that matches the aesthetics of the rest of the kitchen. You cannot get it wrong when you opt for a white-colored open shelf in the kitchen. You can also be creative with it by adding trays or woven baskets to it.


With or without a kitchen window, you can still have a visually appealing kitchen. The ideas that have been enumerated in this article will help transform areas around your kitchen sink into the perfect look you have envisaged.

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